About Me

Who is Daniel Quick?


I was born in Croydon hospital in 1964. I grew up in Purley, then Kingston upon Thames where I lived until my mid-twenties, going to school at Rivermead School for Boys, Kingston and The Hollyfield School, Surbiton. I was not an outstanding pupil!


From an early age I was a talented fluteplayer, and via a scholarship to Guildhall School of Music juniors department, gained a place at Trinity College of Music for my senior education, eventually becoming a Fellow (FTCL). I then worked as a musician and teacher from 1988 to 2001.


I discovered computers in the mid 1990s, and fell in love ;-) Started doing IT support in the late 1990s but quickly got into database and website development. I worked in various web development roles in the UK until 2012 when I moved to Luxembourg to take up my current position. The company relocated me to Ireland in 2018.


It all started as a cheap way of getting around as a 16 year old when I acquired a moped from a flute teacher of the time and quickly developed into a passion, even an obsession. I passed my full motorcycle test in 1981, and it was not until 2010, when my circumstances changed, that I learned to drive a car. Although I no longer commute in all weathers, I still enjoy my riding and touring.


I have always enjoyed cooking, eating and entertaining. I consider myself to be a good, solid cook with a wide repertoire of dishes and styles of cooking.